Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekend Update:

"Garden Hose, oh Garden hose, how beautiful your curves are!" I needed another hose. (ahem) I got one with a Spiffy Keen nozzle to water my wildflower seedlings. And doggie. And, and, and, all SORTS of thangs.

Red Sox Nation: Lux went in for her bandage change and suture check today. It was a long wait, and I could hear her whining in there as the myriads of folks with their critters came in for various and sundry things, though it seemed like lots of people were boarding for the weekend. I did not like hearing my baby cry like that. But, she came out sporting these lovely Red bandages, and I think we both like them, lots. Go Red Sox!!

When I walk in the woods I gather wood. When I walk along the roads, I gather wood. I should probably wear a little red cape, rub dirt on my face and look like a street urchin gathering firewood to keep us warm. Nonetheless, this stuff is EVERYWHERE, and valuable to me as firewood. So I take it when it is appropriate. I came off with a huge haul this morning. Many folks in the neighborhood are clearing out their yards of waste and there are piles of sticks on the sidewalk to be hauled away by the trash dudes. Not if I can help it! I need all the wood I can get. Tonight will be the first fire of the season.

When I got Lux the previous owners fessed up to her "bad habit". "She loves beer", they said. Considering she was poked and prodded today, and I most definitely was NOT (*le sigh*), we are sharing some beer this evening by the fire.

The rest of the day sorta went like this:

Walk. Rest. Soak footies. Walk. Rest. Soak footies. Do finances. Do laundry (Yay for drying in the Sun!) Take Lux to Vet. Go to DPW for Hazardous Waste Day and be rid of ancient printer. I also had a loverly talk with Mom on the phone...(*waves*). One of the funnies (and we always have funnies when we talk) went like this:

Mom: "So, Dear, are you having any Fun?"

Me: "Um, no...not so much. Mostly work"

Mom: "Oh, Dear! You should get out and have some fun!"

Me: "Well, I have my friend, Jenny, and a book group..."

Mom: "I meant FUN, fun"

Me: "Mom...I like dogs way more than I like most people"

Mom: " Me, too..."

Me: "I mean, really now...dogs may FORGET where they hid the bone, but they never LIE about it!"

**Giggle fits**

I also headed over to the hardware store to pick up the paint for Daughter #2's bedroom. I had hopes of finishing the painting before she comes home from Texas, but the border the previous tenants put up was attached with Universal Sacred Super Glue from Space, and despite all attempts at scoring and using DEF spray etc, it is rather like peeling a very sticky Marshall's label from the bottom of some stupid vase or something. One tiny bit at a time. Gah. And Foo. I think I may just find another border to slap on top of it. Really now, this is a rental.

So tonight is Fire Bowl Night, and perhaps a hot bath. Tomorrow, more laundry, some work, and Netflix. Currently in possession are:

Music and Lyrics ( Hugh Grant/ Drew Barrymore: Looks sappy but what the hell)
Bed and Board (Another Francois Truffaut masterpiece, I hear. One I have not seen yet)

And I must finish Breakfast on Pluto (which I highly recommend!) From the cover I report:

"Cillian Murphy heads a solid cast in director Neil Jordan's spirited romp based on Patrick McCabe's boisterous novel. Born the love child of a priest (Liam Neeson) in a conservative Irish hamlet, transvestite Patrick Braden (Murphy) leaves small-town life behind and heads to swinging 1970's London to find the mother who abandoned him. Along the way, Patrick--who's a trouble magnet--unwittingly takes up with an Irish Republican Army gunrunner."

It certainly is a real treat, along the lines of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Catch it if you can.