Friday, April 18, 2008

State of the Union

I am not entirely sure why it is so, but over the past two days things have gotten remarkably copacetic in the critter department. Spring has sprung, and that means the kitties are in and out the window at will, checking out the bugs and flowers, trees and bushes. Lux really enjoys her kennel (especially because I save the REALLY GOOD BONES AND TREATS for that space). Anyway, last night Suki was sitting atop our kitchen table, checking out the world, and Lux walked right up to her...and neither did a thing. They just stood there, being calm and natural. Lux walked away. Suki stretched out. At one point Suki was under the table and Lux came up to be near her and started tapping on my jacket, which was in front of Suki, trying to play with her, very, very gently. The arm of the jacket was swaying right in front of Suki's nose. She did not play, but she did not run, either, and this is a Good Thing. It was so cute! It continued like that all evening. This morning Suki walked right by Lux and Lux did not attempt to chase at all! Yay! Belle is a tougher nut to crack, though. She and Lux are more alike. Hunters, ever vigilant. I think that because Lux has been pretty dopey up until yesterday, that gave the kitties a bit of time to feel her calmer energy and be less reactive. Lux is back to her playful self again, but somehow it seems the spell has broken, and that is great. I want my critters to be able to be happy in the same space together.

The toes are doing better every day. A major portion of the underside of one of my toes is now raw, as the huge blister finally broke, but I am still soaking my footie in sea salt water three times a day, and using a natural salve. I spend larger portions of the day without discomfort. Whenever I can, I take off my shoes and socks and let the toesies get air. Lux and I look funny walking, her with her green and white bandages on her back paws and me hobbling about. She goes back Saturday to have her bandages changed, and then back again in five days to have her sutures removed.

The girls have headed to Texas with their step-mom for a few days to visit their cousins. I am taking Monday and Tuesday off from work, as I need to address some household issues that require time and energy (read:clear out the basement and paint Younger Daughter's bedroom a lovely Lilac color). Although I still wake at 5 AM, just because that is when I wake up (I have been doing so for almost 18 years now) I don't have to get kids ready for school for three mornings, and that is Very, Very Keen.

Your Daily Dose of Cool Things:

I have always loved Bela Fleck, and this is one really good example of why.

You just Gotta LOVE this ad for Discovery Channel:

I might be renting this tiny little A-Frame in Maine at some point this it not the cutest???? ( for more see:

Your Daily Dose of Wonderful Design:

A great blog about handmade furniture by someone who makes it:

(Check out the posts about John Sterling and Gale Satterlee)

Your Daily Dose of Inspiring Words ( Scrabble Version):

Qutb: n. an Islamic saint who has reached the highest degree of sanctity.
Mulct: n. 1. a fine or penalty. 2. a blemish
Gamp: n. a large umbrella
Culch: n. odds and ends of meat
Serac: n. part of a glacier left behind
And my personal favorite today: Troat: v.t. to cry out like a rutting buck.

Sweet Potato with Crispy Carmelized Orange Peel
(serves 2)

Powdered sugar is finely ground sugar mixed with cornstarch. Cornstarch is often used in Oriental cooking in the fry process because it adds a crispness to the finished dish. I decided to try this out this morning. Both Lux and I approve highly.


1 cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup baking mix/Complete pancake mix
1 orange peel, julienned into thin strips
1 large sweet potato
grapeseed oil (to fill fry pan about 1 inch)

Mix the powdered sugar and baking mix in a shallow dish.
Thinly cut the sweet potato lengthwise in thin strips (about 1/8 inch)
Dredge both the orange peel and potato in the sugar/baking mix until lightly covered
Gently slide the slices of both into the oil, a few at a time and cook, turning after a few minutes, until golden brown.

Drain on paper towels.

Serve with a dusting of powdered sugar.