Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Update: Redux

A snapshot of last night's fire. Lux was laying down on the grass beside my chair, chewing on a bone, the moon was full and I tended the fire for 2 hours. It was wonderful. 3 beers wonderful. Though I have to admit, Lux had about half a beer herself. Heh.

This is a Pie Iron. For those not "in the know" a Pie Iron is a cast iron sandwich maker on a long pole. You butter bread on the outside and then put in any filling you like, sweet or savory, then close it up and return it to the coals for a while, flipping after about 4 minutes or voila!!

Mine was on marbled Rye and had a filling of mixed cheeses and crab meat. And it was Totally Yummy! Many thanks to the kind person who sent this to me last fall. This was my virgin attempt and I must say that I will probably use it everytime...imagine...chocolate, banana, marshmallow...ooh....or raspberry and marscapone...oooh!!! Drool!

Speaking of Sweets, I had to buy these today. I used to stop at the corner store at the end of the paper route my childhood friend had. We would pack our pockets with a selection of Chuckles, Twizzlers, Razzles, Sweet Tarts, Charms Lollypops, Turkish Taffy and/or Mallow Cups. (I never sent in those little cards in the package...did anyone out there do that???) Every once in a while we would splurge on a huge bag of these and eat them all until our tongues were stinging, which takes about half a bag.

I have been very good. I have only had 6 today.

Such Restraint.