Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sylvan Canoe Club

Up-River View

Down-River view


My mom belongs to the Sylvan Canoe Club. It is a very popular canoe and kayak club along the Allegheny River. She has what they jokingly call a Porch Membership. This means she comes to the club and hangs out on the porch with a book and some iced tea, often. She would not get in a canoe unless someone told her the town was on fire and it was the only hope of getting out alive.

It is a wonderful place, though. Quiet. Calm. They have wonderful pancake breakfasts several times a year, and they plan great outings along the river, paddling trips, overnight and otherwise. Anyway, here are some pictures of it. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, yeah, saw this on the way to the club the other day...

Happy Hour: 7-9 AM!!! Holy Crap!