Friday, March 28, 2008


I am in Oakmont, near Pittsburgh, in the home where I spent much of my teen life. This is the home where my mother still lives, for a while anyway, until she moves to a new home in a community up the road. I love this house.

My mom has tons of cool stuff around and inside her home. I learned a huge amount about style and decor growing up. I love looking at all the nifty things she has collected, books, antiques, art, a lifetime of wonderful things.

Yes, chocolate brown walls. 11 foot tall ceilings!!!! Amazing!! And beautiful art, paintings, prints, sculpture, books, etc...all so enriching and delightful. It is so much fun to be here and experience this again!

I adore this piece. It is one of my favorite things in the home. It brings such warm feelings of love and bliss.

The dining room where I ate every night for many years. My seat is the one on the left side of the table. Dig the wonderful wallpaper!!

The kitchen where I learned to cook. 6 burner-2 oven stove. What a joy!!! And all sorts of funky things around, too!

Like this!!!

My favorite sink, ever!!!

I am really soaking in all the history the time is coming to a close and soon my mom will be moving to a community up the hill from this home. I lived here from the age of 13 through college. Many memories, sights sounds, aromas, history. I am really enjoying this visit. As I write this mom and I are watching ice skating on TV like the old days. I made tasty shrimp with asparagus and tomato with wine and garlic for a snack. No pictures, sorry.

Lux is home with my friend, Ellen, a co-worker and my kids are at their dad's. Boston seems light years and eons away as I sit in the chair I sat in as a teen.

I will update as I can. Just wanted to share my pictures of my old home. I am really glad to be here now, experiencing the house, my mom, the town and remembering the past. Next post I will tell you all about the restaurant we went to on the way home from the airport, a place which had about a zillion beers on tap, a billion by bottle and the best selection of Belgian ales I have ever seen. And ribs!!