Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Cool Home Stuff

Part of the backyard

Nifty sculpture!

The armoire in which mom keeps her towels and linens.

Love this lighting fixture!

The above paintings are by Conger Metcalfe. My mother bought these when I was born. She had seen his work in Boston and loved it. My parents had decided to purchase some pieces and had made an appointment to have the artists work shown. I arrived a week earlier than expected, leading to the show being held in my mother's recovery room following my arrival. I am pleased to say that these 2 pieces will be coming to my home in the near future!

Today is going to be a busy day of deciding what goes, what stays and what gets sold. It has been interesting hearing the stories of the art pieces, and the history of the belongings. I lived with these things for many years, and yet did not really know the stories behind their purchase. Some of the things in the home belonged to family members from generations past. There are pieces from Holland which belonged to my grandmother, bright colorful pottery, primitive bread boards, and knick-knacks.

On the way home from the airport my mom, Ex-Father in Law and I stopped at The Sharp Edge for dinner and a few beers.

Go visit them at The Sharp Edge

Be sure to look at the impressive collection of Belgian beers. I had DELIRIUM TREMENS and LEFFE BROWN.

Both were incredibly yummy, but my favorite was the Delirium Tremens. It was rich, smooth and very deep in flavor. Just what I needed after hours of airplane travel and being stuck in traffic due to Our Esteemed President arriving in Sewickley for some award dinner. Roads were shut down in all directions for a LONG time. That beer tasted So Good!