Monday, May 26, 2008

The Third Wave

Now the crest of the third wave, the poppies, the iris, the azaleas in full blossom. Yesterday was QUITE a walking day. Lux and I headed to the woods to meet up with my wonderful new friends, Lisa, Bomber and Bailey.

Lisa, Bailey and Bomber (another arm shot by Lisa of the Long Arms)

It was a gorgeous morning!!! The lake was serene, there was a cool breeze and we chatted away up the BIG hill. Just about at the end of the walk we noticed that Bomber was no where to be found. We called and called. Lisa had to get back home so I walked the loop again, calling for Bomber. Lux had a blast. TWO TRIPS !!!! As we finally approached the trail head, there was Bomber loping along happily. I tethered the two and headed to Lisa's. Special Delivery!!! One wet and tired dog!

Next was a trip to T.J. Maxx for these:

Because, well, not that I USE them much any more, but a girl has to protect her assets. Running is a Gravity Accelerator, and, frankly, my lady lumps have gotten rave reviews in the far distant past. I would like to preserve them for the mummification process, as surely that will be the next time anyone sees them. Heh.

Back home for some work about the abode. And a nice long chat with my Mom. (**waves**).

Four o'clock means back to the lake for another 5 mile hike. (round three for the day) We got halfway around when I saw Lux come out of the water limping. Sure enough, she got a good sized gash on her paw pad and was bleeding. I CARRIED HER BACK TO THE PARKING LOT. over a mile with a 45 pound dog. Times like this I wish she was a Yorkie. She was sweet and gentle about the whole trip and did not squirm or cry. I popped her in the car and hauled out my First Aid kit. I washed off the cut with water and saline. I unwrapped a mini-pad (see! I told you they were great!!!) put on a dollop of antibiotic ointment and wrapped her foot and leg up with that rubberized gauze that sticks to itself. Home for a half a benadryl and dinner.

This morning she is still limping, and I will unwrap and soak her foot again this morning, then re-wrap with clean bandages. Hopefully, she won't chew and have to wear the Cone of Great Humiliation.

Update: Yup, she is wearing the Cone of Great Humiliation. Poor Girl! I changed the bandages and the wound looks clean. She shaved about a half inch circle from the paw pad. Ow.

I will post again later, but for now, Lux is off to her crate and I am off to the woods with Lisa, Bomber and Bailey.