Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Crazy Life

I intended to write up a post yesterday. Really, I did. But my day (and most days, actually) went sorta like this:

I noticed right away that my throat was really very sore...thought it was an over-snore thing, but no...I have a cold.

5AM: get up and take the dog out for a piddle
5:30 : wake up Older teen for school
5:35: feed all the critters and make strong coffee
5:40: put wet clothes into dryer and scoop litter
6:00: empty dishwasher and get breakfast for kids and myself
6:30: wake up younger teen for school
6:50: take older kid to school
7:10: take younger kid to school
7:30-9:30 run with Lux in the woods
9:45: throw Lux in the tub to be rid of whatever the hell she rolled in at the swamp
10:30 check and answer email, start to work on blog stuff (a typical blog post takes about 2 hours of preparation)
11:00-1:00: work on content management for a website of a client
(somewhere in there throw in a 20 minute dog walk)
1:30 make some lunch and gobble it down
2:00 pick up older teen at school and take her to crafts store for project supplies
3:00 half hour dog walk
3:30-4:30 One hour of work for a client
5:00 Take younger teen to orthodontist appointment
6:00 make dinners (fish for one/turkey for the other)
7:00 start helping older teen with navigating the web to find maps for her project for french class

Somewhere in there the younger teen started yelling about a t-shirt and a stain of some sort. It escalated from there...she came dangerously close to losing her trip to the Carnival this weekend.

8:00 get an email from a client asking for an image for a project he is doing.
8:30 last dog walk of the day
9:00 go to bed

Toss, Turn, cough and sputter all night long. Wake up and take some homeopathic stuff for restless leg syndrome. (I have had this for several years now and man, it is not fun)

Today started sort of like yesterday only I was more tired.

Then, around 6:45 I hear a huge crash from upstairs. I run up to find my younger teen on the floor crying. Apparently she blacked out when she got up from bed and fell and hit her head on the windowsill. And, yeah, she probably got a concussion so I am off to the pediatrician for the second time in four days.

So, no post beyond this one today.

I am up to my eyeballs in Life right now.