Wednesday, February 13, 2008

M'Kay...4:30 AM shoveling is not THAT fun!


Image by Me

While I admit to a rather enthusiastic love of snow, let me state for the record that said snow followed by sleet and rain is a pain in the butt. I knew that the rain was coming around 5 AM so I got up early and shoveled the over 3 inches of snow from the walk and driveway. It was heavy and I was being pelted by frozen and not-so-frozen rain for about an hour. Ugh. Many cups of tea and a few rounds of heating the flax packs in the microwave for warmth helped greatly, as did the pellets of Arnica I downed with my Aleve. I suppose the next time I ask for snow I should be *very specific* about the exact circumstances. Yuck...

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"Grow Your Own" T-Shirts

If I could, I would grow my own. Unfortunately, I live in the Merrimack Valley, home of one of the largest incinerators in the area. We burn trash from over 25 other towns. Mercury levels in this town are outrageous. 11 tons per year is dumped into our air and that filters to the land. No wonder there is so much asthma and learning disability in our location. I would not eat vegetables from this area, despite my desire for local food. That is *really* sad. Some day I will move to a clean and affordable, sustainable community. Some day...

Fat Finch

If you like or love birds, or if you are interested in cool birdie things for your home, take a trip to Fat Finch. What a cheery thing to look at with tea after shoveling that crap from the driveway. Tweet!

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Image by Kevin Fox

"As is true for most children, when I was young I heard the world speak. Stars sang. Stones had preferences. Trees had bad days. Toads held lively discussions, crowed over a good day's catch. Like static on a radio, schooling and other forms of socialization began to interfere with my perception of the animate world, and for a number of years I almost believed that only humans spoke. The gap between what I experienced and what I almost believed confused me deeply." - Derrick Jensen, from: Language Older Than Words (Special thanks to Bobbi Nono for submitting this quote!)

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I am a firm believer in alternating your grains. That means that pasta does not always mean white wheat processed to the point of little nutrition. I love this whole wheat pasta, and I also use the rice based Tinkyada pasta often. Both are more than suitable substitutions for the usual boxed noodles you are used to. Go with the fiber. Your plumbing will thank you!

Healthy Harvest Pasta

Tinkyada Penne