Saturday, October 3, 2009



We are all different, each of us a different hue of Life. Even if we are close, close enough to feel the same rain fall on our tender skin, we are not the same shade of Being. This morning, I find myself needing to remember that, and to realize that because we are each unique, our needs, desires, ways of being Alive in the world differ, even if only in the slightest tone, texture or perspective. The way I see things is not the way you see things. The way I feel the heavy morning air settle on my shoulders is not the way you perceive it. What I feel comfortably as "right" and "good" is not necessarily "right" and "good" for you.

It is okay that I don't really feel okay about things other people Do or Are all the time. My lack of okay-ness speaks directly to my inability to acknowledge that Who You Are and What You Do, really, at the core of the matter, has NOTHING to do with me, other than it is a catalyst for growth.

When we rub against that edge, as we dangle in the rain with Others nearby, we need to be compassionate, to ourselves and Others, because, until we fall from the branch, we are all here together, pelted by the storms, basking in the Autumn sun, or beginning to fall from the tether.

I am okay.

You are okay.

Let's just hang out.