Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Day with Ben and Jay

The sign on Ben's door

Wow. Wow. Wow. What a gorgeous day!!! I drove up to Newburyport to meet Ben at his house. We sat and had tea talked for a long time about things going on in our worlds, in our hearts, in our Spirits, about art, about promoting ourselves as artists, and in believing in the process, leaning into fears...then we made some yummi lunch for later, chicken and veggies, pasta and sauce. We decided to head over to the local wine shop for some wine before his other guest, Jay Schwed, was to arrive from Maine. Just as we got out the door, Jay turned the corner! Big hugs all around. The quote of that moment was: "Embrace Embracing!!!" Off we went to the wine shop for some tasty wines.

We came home, and had lunch and some wine and talked deeply about Jay and his healing arts, about his wandering the world making things better for people using sound and his journey with crystal singing bowls. We decided to head out to the beach to play, and ended up at Salisbury Beach. The wind was really strong, so we tried to find someplace suitable. Unfortunately, the wind was so strong that it was difficult to really get into the process, as the bowls were in danger of tipping and possibly breaking, and considering there was probably 20K dollars worth of crystal bowls involved we decided to head inland a bit, to Newburyport Center and the park there...we set up and Jay did his Thing. What a blast! So much fun! And healing, too! People started to gather around to watch and listen to him talk, joke, tone and play his bowls. What a joyful day I had!! Here are some images from the day. Enjoy!

Unloading Big Bertha

Cozy in their silk bags

Setting up

Jay playing

Gold infused bowl...deep!

What a great storyteller!!!

For more about Jay and what he does go: HERE!