Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Highway Robbery

Have you noticed? Have you seen this before? ...three of four lane shut down on a major highway, almost midnight (overtime, eh?), what. maybe FOUR workers with yellow jackets working under, say, ten halogen generator powered lights, a strip about 1/4 mile long with not one, not two, but THREE troopers sitting in their cars, lights on, prolly cruising porn on their laptops...

Or this: A street partially blocked off by tree workers, or electric workers and not one, not two, but THREE police officers, one fore, one aft and one daft (watching the cranes or diggers).

Um, yeah...and there is a hyoooge uprising about us using Normal Folk to hold Stop signs and direct traffic.

So, in Californina, I saw THIS:

Take a looksie at that turn ahead. Not a little one, mind you. I saw this all over California...this, or maybe Joe Schmoe college student with coffee standing there with a walkie talkie directing with his buddy on the other end. I saw this LOTS of times in California.

So, I ask you, with all the people out of work in our system, and all the debt and financial woe in our town, sity, state and country systems, why the hell are we not paying Joe to do this work, or even using machines to save money, instead of paying six or seven police to Make Sure We Are Safe? in higway construction areas?

I am gonna assume it has something to do with literacy. 'Cause, well, ya know, you sorta have to be able to read the hand painted signage.