Monday, March 23, 2009

Things I loved about this weekend...

My Nest

The joy of meeting a wonderful and sleepy 18 year old cat.

The wonder of baby chickens, just a week old.

Walking around Rockport in the sun looking at waves and seaweed and window shopping.

A pine cone being plucked from a tree on top of a hill looking over a lake. The smell of pine sap on my fingers.

Listening to old ALBUMS by an outdoor fire with friends, laughing, drinking merlot.

Sleeping in.

A 2 hour nap.

My dog taking up more than her share of the bed, and sighing heavily as I push her to the other side, then snuggling up to her with my arm around her chest, warmly rising and falling with her sleepy breathing.

Pork strips with peas, carrots, and garlic, sauteed and topped with fresh lime juice and cilantro.

Meeting new friends and going to see The Reader. Oh, my. My crush on Kate Winslet only gets more severe now...oh, my. Oh.

Talking on the phone with Kevin in Chicago while Jason, his youngest, is snuggled up in bed next to him. I love that.

Dinner with Jenny, and discovering the very yummy herbed goat cheddar to add to our pizza.

Hiking in the woods.

Eating Jelly bellies, and finding lots of licorice ones.

Pancakes the size of my head, eaten with eggs over easy and bacon while reading the Boston Globe.

Not running for a few days. (starting up again today, I was totally "off" in the tummy, and achy from repetitive stress injury, so I took some time off) It felt good to be lazy for once.

Seeing a 1934 Packard, in pristine condition in a huge old barn.

Seeing more spring flowers bursting from the ground (granted, it was 26 degrees here this morning...still..).

Feeling connected to people, places and things.

This Spring thing? I think it is going to rock. Hard.