Thursday, March 5, 2009


First, The Not So Very Keen:13 inches of snow. 9 Degrees. Brrr!

Keen Design:

Click Here for Whiskey Jack Paddles

Whether or not you are a paddle freak, a kayak fan or a canoe enthusiast you will likely enjoy the uber Keen wood work see here at Whiskey Jack Paddles. I don't know as I would let mine into the water, for fear of losing it.

Keen Brain Food:

I have been a member of the TED community online for a few years now. I am rarely anything other than stunned and thrilled and inspired every time I get email from them, with links to their lectures. Go take a looksie. Very, Very Keen.


Keen Kitchen Thoughts:

Culinate! Click Here!

I enjoy visiting this Culinate often. I find the articles fun, refreshing, informative and inspiring.