Wednesday, February 25, 2009



I try to remember the mornings when, unlike most of the past two months, the temperature is over 20 degrees upon my waking for the day. The birds now sing, even in the cold, the light becoming more present, triggering their own internal clocks to say that March is arriving soon, we had better get to singing!

My life has been topsy turvy of late. Last minute work jobs, daughter getting her first job (at the Mall, of course), friend's daughter was in a car accident, Lisa fell in the woods and hurt her ribs, other friends making big changes in their lives. I feel like I am bobbing in the waters, waves rolling, churning the sea. Still, I float. And that is very Keen, indeed.

My schedule is pretty blocked up with stuff to do, with college grant filings, scholarships, financial aid, taxes, health insurance change of carrier, and, well, not enough money to go around. Stressful, that.

But, I have been working out like a fiend, pretty consistently about 5 days a week. And yesterday I ran for 20 minutes at a heart rate of 165, which, my friends, is hard running. I then did elliptical for 20, recumbent bike for 20 and yoga ball stretches and crunches. After I am done, I feel so much better.


I can smell this flower, if I close my eyes and think very hard, relax my inner monkey brain a little, and breathe deeply. Peonies are among my favorite flowers. I have fond memories of them from way back into my childhood.

Another harbinger of the upcoming arrival of Persephony, Spring, is the more open presence of deer. They are getting bold now, as food is becoming less available. And, really, I just want to go up to them and pinch their cheeks and rub their ears. Alas, I cannot.