Monday, February 23, 2009

Inspiring Words

"Love is like a virus. It affects people differently, it morphs into many kinds of manifestations. It is highly contagious. You can't really medicate yourself against the wrath of the pathogens. And, more often than not, it involves sniffles, tears and mucous.

Many people I know are suffering colds right now. Some have Life's scratchy throat, unable to swallow without that piece of rough burlap lodged down in there reminding them that they are on the precipice of a full-blown outbreak.

Some are suddenly taken ill.

It is a plague, I tell you.

Bring out your dead."

This was in lieu of a love note, she thought. But, it did ring a rather obtuse tone. Perhaps he was feeling, I dunno, metaphoric?

She wanted to call him and tell him that she felt fine, she had not a single symptom of the virus, that micro-biotic invader, which calls forth with lust the diagnosis of Love.

Nah, she wasn't even close.

Too bad she was such a good liar.