Thursday, February 12, 2009

Funny Morning...

The oldest one has been really stressed out lately, and in pain from her kidneys. The medicine that they put her on gives her nightmares, too, which is really bizarre.

She is taking an honors English class in school, and it really is a toughie. They read things like Joseph Campbell, Jung, Herman Hesse, The Classics, and this week, The Bible. So, in her travails with the assignment, she consulted Spark Notes, which is a newfangled version of Cliff Notes, a shortcut to actually READING said Bible.

My kids were in the car chatting away on the way to school this morning, and, in an unusually civil manner, they began to talk about dreams from last night. The oldest told me that she was awakened 10 times last night, startled, dreaming that she was awake but could not move. It was awful, she said.

"I thought I was being possessed. I just kept saying 'God, I am so sorry I Spark-Noted the Bible, please forgive me'"

that. was. phunni.

Then the Youner One, just before she pops out of the car for school, turns to me and asks"

"Mom, am I Over-Perfumed?, cause I hate that."

Great, I have two new phrases:

Over Perfumed