Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Can I go back to bed now?

This morning's coffee is already spent. By 6 Am I had fed the cats, fed the dog, walked the dog, switched over laundry, shoveled out the ice-laden snow from the driveway, shoveled the walk, scraped off my car, gotten my kids up and scooped the cat litter. By now, 7:30, I have driven two kids to 2 different schools as well.

As I write this I am indulging in my morning ritual of crawling back into bed to check on my blog roll, stopping by to see if anyone is up and running yet. My usual routine includes stopping by at Dooce and Rude Cactus (see sidebar) first. I check my mail. I think of a blog entry. Maybe have another cup of coffee...

I am ready for a nap and it is only 7:46.

This is not a good sign.