Thursday, January 29, 2009

Roads Diverging


This is a mirror image of a road I find myself going down several times a year. It leads to an open, water-filled quarry, with pines and woods, trails and places to explore. I come here to ask questions sometimes. To throw rocks into the water and seek answers to my questions in either the ripples forming on open water, or the skittling and pinging sounds of my projectile hitting and sliding on the ice.

Once or twice I have brought a tibetan singing bowl with me, allowing my ringing to rise up and up and up, to echo against the rocks.

Things manifest pretty quickly when I go here.

Right now my life is manifesting new growth in some really wonderful ways. New friends, new work possibilities, new ways of being with my daughters, new ways of being in the world with myself. As I write, the ice is melting from the roof, little nursery rhymes of water-song blip, drip, poing down the side of the house to the ground.

I feel very grateful today, for the sun shining, but mostly for the ice melting in what was once a nuclear winter of the soul.