Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Update:Friends, Presents and Bitter Cold

Images of Hawaii by D. Singer

I had a faboo weekend. It was a good mix of private time and social time, cleaning, exercising and rest. Saturday morning Lux got up muy early. We went for our morning ablutions and I hopped back into bed with coffee and this book, which Kevin had sent me in one of his last goody boxes. Several hours later, all toasty warm in my jammies, I crawled out again. I checked the mail and found ANOTHER GOODY BOX! This one had a my favorite yummy fig bars, 4 (count 'em FOUR) honkin' Swiss chocolate bars, a book on Bob Dylan, another book on Women and Running, a scarf, and a few other cool things. Jumping for Joy!!! Gifties!!!! Yay for presents!!!!

I went to visit for tea at Dragonfly House, home of my friend, Daniel and his girlfriend, Giselle, and had some wonderful tea (he had tried this tea in Hawaii and loved it and bought a box JUST FOR ME!).

On the way home I stopped by another friend's house for a brief visit and then headed home to run with Lux for about 30 minutes. It was about 22 degrees out, balmy for our recent weather, but still, pulling the cold air into my lungs was difficult, and my thighs were stinging quite badly from the cold. Due to some over consumption of coffee that day, sleep was evasive, until past midnight.

Sunday was a nifty day for all sorts of things. I went to the gym and worked out: 30 minutes on treadmill, 30 minutes on elliptical, 15 minutes on recumbent bike, 15 minutes yoga ball stretch and crunches. All warmed up, I went home again and began to clean, clean , clean my house. I was expecting company for wine and snacks around 5:00. I made a yummy onion jam and swiss pizza, and chilled down a bottle of Piraat Ale. Unfortunately, my guest called to cancel, so it was me and a big pizza and a whole bottle of ale. I ate two pieces of pizza and downed the ale promptly.

Later in the evening, Kevin and I had another of our weekend marathon phone calls. This time he called me to tell me to turn on the TV and we watched a show on skunks together. We laughed and chortled and got grossed out together at the (oh-so-very) close ups of the skunk's rectal glands emitting that lovely spray. Holding my sides , laughing and screaming "NO! NOT AGAIN!!!" as they showed the process over and over. Because of the time lapse between our two stations, he was aware of things before I was, and would tell me "Oh. Wait until you see THIS!!!! Here it COMES!!!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" T'was great fun. I hung up and proceeded to watch part 2 of Wuthering Heights (He did the same. We both watch Masterpiece every Sunday). It is so much fun to have a friend far away, sending cool care packages back and forth. I feel so very fortunate to have found him via our mutual friend, Jenny.

Today, I wake to this:

My face turned to paper this morning on our Business Walk. Lux picked up her paws and cried after about 20 minutes, so we ran home, in hopes that the elevated circulation would aid in the frosty and painful paw problem. Now she is whining to go out again. This kind of cold makes for frequent and short walks, not enough for her to get all her jigglies out. I wish I could bring her to the gym and put her on the treadmill. I don't think Planet Fitness would appreciate that, though. (she does smell better than most of the guys I have run beside lately,P.U.!!)