Monday, March 30, 2009

Tennis Anyone?

Okay, class, repeat after me:

Epicondylitis! EH-PEE-CON-DUH-LYE-TIS Click Here for more information

So, it began thusly: I slipped on the ice and slammed my forearm into the corner of my house sometime in January. I whacked my elbow but good. It healed over time. Until...

I slipped on the ice and landed on my ass with that same arm hitting the ground. Ow.

Then, one must add on the following factors:

Dog Walker get pulled often. Like children who have forearm problems from being swung around. Some days my dog walking job is more akin to hunting and hauling in marlin than it is canine companionship.

Sprinkle liberally with catering three events in eight days, chopping, flipping sautee pans, carrying heavy pots, unloading the vehicle etc...

So, yeah, owie. Looks like tennis elbow to me. I have isolated the muscle groups that are effected by which movements, and I am massaging them cross grain to alleviate the adhesions that happen when you strain, pull or over use a muscle group more than the others. Isometrics is a pretty balanced system of use and counter use with muscle groups. If you have a repetitive stress injury, you have micro tears in muscles that are used above and beyond their capacity, or are subject to trauma. Those tears can heal into scars which limits mobility, and puts stress on muscles to do jobs for which they were not created.

Massage, ice, heat, rest (isolation of muscle group by using the above support which limits my flexion in both palmar and dorsal directions), naproxen sodium, plenty of water, and accupressure are the things I am doing for myself to heal. Given that no bone breakage is present, any Dr. would pretty much tell me to do the above until the acute phase is over. Next comes therapy. I am researching that now.

One of the upsides to all this is that I am using my Right Brain more, due to the fact that I am using my left hand more than my right, consciously.

One of the downsides to that is the puddle of cooking oil which landed on my floor last night as the un-capped bottle flew from my left hand. Glug. Glug. Glug. One of my least favorite kitchen cleanups, right after broken egss. See, I don't USE paper towels. Think about it.

I am cooking for an event this weekend, and I need to heal up as best as I can so as not to backslide on my healing process thus far. This is yet another reason I am not on the computer as much as I have been in the past.

So, yeah, that is about what I am up to right now. Not going to play tennis anytime soon. Not that I would be likely to do so anyhugh...still.