Sunday, February 24, 2008

Winter by the Sea

I took my camera out to one of my favorite spots to look for eagles. Deer Island, in Amesbury, has quite a breeding population of bald eagles, and I have been swooped upon a number of times while there. Unfortunately, there were myriads of other folk there with cameras, too, and I left having not seen a single eagle. Oh, Poo!

I headed into Newburyport, stopped into The Grog for a pint or two of Guinness and some chili to gird my loins for the next portion of the day, the beach. I drove out to Salisbury Beach and had a blast. I met a wonderful dog there on the beach, and spent a lot of time listening to the ice as it flowed and crashed in the currents. Fingers froze a bit, so I headed back to the car to get warm, returning for the sunset about 20 minutes later. I am glad I went back for this. It was really gorgeous!!

I slept in late today! For one who rises at 5 AM most days, my being in bed at 9 was like a vacation. I need the rest, though, as next week is going to be crazy busy. Three full dog walking days, two full days in the commercial kitchen, a catering event next Saturday, a business meeting Wednesday afternoon and various other commitments will keep me going like a squirrel on crack.

I will whip up a Pinch and Sprig post today!! I have been so busy that the second blog has been ignored. My Bad. Martha Stewart has a full staff. Me? I gotz Me.

See you later over at Pinch and Sprig!