Monday, March 1, 2010

Well Now...

It does not matter how you do it, really, but that you do it at all. Perhaps it makes a difference if you shovel out of snow by bending your legs. Perhaps it makes a difference to eat a good meal before heading out to buy food. But, making it to the Other Side of a particularly Quiet Time, one of some struggle and strain, can be done in many ways. It is just that you need to do it.

Find cuddles where you can.
Seek the hot mugs of tea and a smiling offer of a cookie.
Pay someone to really listen to you, and offer their wisdom.
Let go of that burden of fear, that one which has been chafing at your neck.

Those cold, thin breaths taken in the winter wind, open up your lungs and bring life.
Lean into the trust, even if all you can see at first is the fuzzy edge, the possibility of being swaddled in it.

Bathe in pleasure when you can. Let it sink into your skin like a warm oil, feeding your parched soul.

There is love out there. And there is more In there, too.

Finding balance is impossible until you stop and really listen. Only then can you take action to find yourself well.

Well Being to all. And welcome back!