Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Settle Not for W00t! Demand more Squee!

I dare you to tell me this did not make you smile.

I made a t-shirt that says that a while ago. I should wear it more often. The truth is that I have been feeling not so very much made of awesome. But the trend is turning. This is a good thing.

I have been spending time each morning, meditating, and listening to music, playing my singing bowl, or drumming. It has helped ground me a bit.

I have been balancing on a number of thresholds lately, teetering back and forth. That's just not so very comfy for me. Mostly that is because I think and feel so many things at once. I process a lot. That means that sometimes I just don't have the bandwidth for some things.

Among the other things on my To Do list, every day I write down:


Somedays, I don't get to cross it off the list.

Lately, I have. And it feels Really Totally Good.