Friday, December 18, 2009

Ten Tips for the Holidays

1. Keep oil-based moisturizers on hand in your car. Water-based moisturizers are great to use at night, when you will be all snuggled in bed. If you put on a water-based moisturizer before you head out in sub-freezing weather you will regret it. The water will freeze on your face, causing more chapping. The small tin of Nivea can be found at CVS for about .99, and the Burts Bees I got at Whole Foods. Both work really well, don't freeze and smell great. Chances are, if you are like me, you have that heat cranked in your auto, and unless you want to look all dry and scratchy like your Great, Great Aunty by Christmas morning, I suggest you baste yourself often. Oftener than you would think. Like, at every third red light.

2. Keep a roll of packing tape and a Sharpie in your car at all times. This has saved my ass a number of times. Know that you can turn a box from the wine store inside out, retape it and create a brown shipping box.

3. Sew some cloth bags for wrapping. Easy-peasy. Buy a few yards, cut out strips that are about 3 feet wide, fold in half, cut into segments, sew up the sides. Use a nice ribbon or Twine to tie closed. Et-Voila!

4. Keep wine in the house at all times. N'uff sed.

5. Go to bed early. Really. Do it.

6. Keep a granola bar in your car at all times. Lines get long. Traffic sucks. You have to go to 10 stores for that Perfect Gift. You will get hungry. I know this.

7. Use hair conditioner as shaving cream. Just a dab will do it. Save the money you would spend on spendy shaving cream and buy yourself a muffin, one with bran, and a Very Strong Coffee.

8. Go through your credit card statements and put away the cards with the highest interest, I don't care HOW little you have on them. Put them away. And use cash whenever possible. That would be the ugly green paper stuff, remember?

9. Turn down the thermostat and wear a hat in your house. It will save you a ton. A TON, I say!

10. Make as simple a To-Do list as is possible. Keep it to five or less important things. Reward yourself each time you finish something on the list. Not with, like, a yacht or anything. Just, you know, a treat or a hot bath or something nourishing for YOU.