Thursday, December 17, 2009

In Which I Slam Bing

I hate Bing. I hate Bing with a passion. It jumps into the middle of my Google search engine search strings and puts half into it's own pretty little search engine box...half of it. What good is that, Bing? I have to erase it and put it in correctly wherever I choose, even if I stay with you. But, no, Bing. I don't like you. You may be handsome. You may be able to do some things better than my old love, but really, you are pushy and arrogant and make grand assumptions., assumptions like the above.

Only in America. Palin dodges tomatoes? Ex-madam to run? If this is an indication of the people who use your service, by virtue of being a list of the top 2009 searches, I rest my case.

You suck.