Friday, December 18, 2009

Classic Moment in the car with teens...



Driving along Rt 293 heading South from St. Anselm College we pass a tanker:

"Peterman's Oil" on the side...followed, in LARGE text with "Lubrication Specialists!"


College kid pumps her fists in the air and hoots: "Whoo Hoo!!! Lubrication Specialists!!!" and shoots me a look.

***hee hee sputter speachlessly***, I look back at her, valiantly parsing what she said trying to come up with a fast response that would be appropriate (in my head I'm thinking "So good to know they are out there doing their job!!").

Before I can she looks at me and grins and says "Petroleum Products, Mom....Pe-trol-e-um!"

Kid in the back says "You guys are gross".