Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good Friends

Andy O (Naked Stand Up Comedian) on left, Brynn B. (tantrika extraordinaire) on the right. (friend I don't know yet in the middle) photo ganked from Facebook.

Anyone who knows me well enough is aware that I have been going through a really rough patch the past two weeks or so. What is different for me this time is that I have a really wonderful group of 10 new friends, including the two above. Whenever I need to talk, or have a cuddle, or cry or rant or just be silent in front of a witness, these new friends have ponied up big time. Never before in my life have I had 5 or more people with whom I share my intimate inner workings, to whom I reach for support, for whom I offer the same. I am very, very grateful for my Open Hearted Group of friends. I know, deep in my soul that I am loved AND loveable. They remind me every day with their phone calls, emails and texts. I love you all, very, very much. (Andy, Brynn, Dina, Ben, Laura, Donna, Aileen, Anad, Daniel, and Shayna)