Sunday, December 27, 2009


I know. It looks like John Coltrane is smacking his head in disbelief at what a wonderful tree I have.

So now it is all over, the fussing, the paper, the tape, the turkey, the family gatherings, the phone calls. I hope yours was a good holiday, one filled with some joy and some good food, some prezzies and some love. Now, the sun is returning (or so they say, personally I don't see much sun around here). On to the New Year.

My New Year's Eve will be spent with new friends, and spending some time in an outdoor hot-tub under the stars. How cool is that???!

One little piece of advice. Put that turkey carcass in a pot with water NOW. Make soup. 'Cause if you wait, it will stink up your fridge something nasty. Justsayin'.