Friday, July 17, 2009

The Universe has a great sense of humor...

AC run-off from a car, an interesting puddle, eh?

I laughed out loud. Hard. Yesterday was a tough day for me. Lux has some sort of urinary incontinence issue, which, apparently is common in spayed females. The net result of this has been that I have been following her around with towels, for every time she lays down she dribbles a little. The incredibly HAWT Dr. Johnson examined her and gave me a lovely bottle of medicine, which she will have to take FOR THE REST OF HER DAYS. No...I never knew about this apparently COMMON issue with spayed females. I do now. Cost of lesson? $115. Not bad. Oh, well, and about 4 loads of laundry and little sleep.

As I was waiting at the bank yesterday my phone rang. It was Kevin, in Chicago, asking me if I had time to share "a Kodak Moment". What followed was a noise I mistakenly surmised was a recording of the 1968 Apollo Mission rocket firing. He had *finally* assembled his VW bus engine, and all strapped to the table, hooked up by wires and hoses, he got it to start. What a thrilling noise! I know how much he enjoys loading up his bus with gear and kids and hauling out to some Midwest place of beauty to rock climb and camp and hike. He has been working on this bus, like, for. ev. ar. and I am totally thrilled (and impressed!) that he was able to re-build the motor himself and finally get it to fire up. YAY!

Another thing that made me smile greatly was getting this picture of Scott, canyoning in Japan. He is over there installing a cryogenic probe station for a few weeks. Anyway, that smile is the biggest I think I have ever seen on his face. He is having a great time, at least when he is not being a busy research engineer tinkering with big and expensive machines and eating a lot of eels.

So, yeah, it has been a mixy few days here in the New England area. Rain has abated, mostly, and the sun is glorious to be in. I drape it over me most of the day, soaking it in, for fear of it's eventual loss. I have temporarily put away my Ark Supplies. I now spend more time on mosquito patrol. Inevitable.

I wonder if Noah did anything special about the mosquito issue with all that standing water around?