Sunday, July 12, 2009

Things that make me happy...

The first bowl of Cheerios out of a box.
Our last kiss.
Remembering fluffernutter sandwiches at the beach in my youth (*only without the sand part).
The smell of gin and limes.
The feel of 72 degree air wafting around me while the sun is shining.
The way my dog just halumpfs down next to me and sighs.
Hearing a friend laugh hard during a long distance phone call.
Dreaming of flying.
A perfectly cooked steak with a glass of good red wine.
Naptime for the neighbors and their screaming kids.
Did I say gin?
Shrimp. Steamed.
Corn. "on the bone" as my kids used to say.
The way your eyes glimmer sometimes.
Iced coffee made at home brewed over cocoa nibs and sweetened with agave nectar.
Crushed mint.
Clean sheets.
Oh, and sun. Sun, sun, glorious sun!!!