Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Milestone

This week marked another milestone for my youngest. She graduated from Middle School. As I sat in the auditorium so many things were going through my mind. Those kids looked so BIG! One looked like a business man. Seriously, he had a suit and business shoes on. The "girls" looked like women, in their sundresses and shoes, graceful as they walked across the stage. It was stunning and disturbing at the same time. 14 is not what it used to be. No way.

Both of my daughters are taller than I am now. How did that happen???

I have been dreaming, often, of my youngest at the age of 2 or 3, and it has been lovely, poignant and at times deeply saddening. I would not have thought that I would be one to succumb to "middle age crisis" or "empty nest syndrome", but the truth of the matter is that the people for whom most of the last 18 years of my life have been dedicated, directed and swallowed up whole are growing, growing, gone! And it is a process of joy tinged with sadness. I am so proud of both of them!!! And while I will not miss the cat fights over the hair straightener or the slamming doors and yelling "Bitch!", I will definitely miss watching movies and eating popcorn, the giggles, the "Goodnight, I love you's", and the feeling of having our threesome of a family intact.