Monday, June 1, 2009

So, um, yeah...

It is JUNE!!! Holy Mack!!! How did *that* happen?????

It is my birthday month, thus the self aggrandizement on the masthead. It happens that that picture of me is one of my mostest favoritest, and it accurately reflects the magical child I imagine myself to have been. When I get *stuck* in my world, and I am not sure which way to turn, I sometimes ask myself "What would SHE do?"

Life is really amazing right now. Busy, Scary, Wonderful, Stressful...all sorts of flavors in one bag of beans.

My eldest is graduating from high school on Friday.

Time? She flies. Like pigs with wings, jet propelled through the air, she flies faster than a speeding bullet.

Catch it in your teeth.

Take a bite out of life today!