Thursday, June 18, 2009

Filling in the Spaces

I have been in a very quiet place lately. Sometimes, I just find myself in a place of needing more privacy than others. I have been examining my life, my path, my relationships, my needs and desires. It has been a very complex process, but one which seemed to have insisted on my attention, thus my relative silence here at Keen Things. Frankly, I have not been feeling very Keen. Added to that is a change in a medication which I take, a change which has made me need a lot more sleep than I usually get. Having higher blood pressure than my doctor would like me to have, the change was made to a certain drug I take, and the result has been mostly that I feel like I am slugging through mud a great deal of the time. And I have a very dry mouth. Other than that, though, I am doing okay. I hope to be back to my more Keen Self soon.

This is me, kissing my friend, Jeanette. Scott took this picture of us a while ago, but just sent it to me. I love the smile on her face.

Here is the Graduate!!! Congratulations to the graduating class of 2009 North Andover High!

And this pretty dress was under that big red gown! I am very proud of my daughter. She had a very tough year, and made it through after her big kidney infection, losing time from school while healing. And now, off to college in the fall!!!