Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two days of sun so far in July...

The weekend of the 4th was lovely. Lovely. My eyes burned with the glare. My skin got a little darker shade of pale. I sat in the yard and read and wrote and thought and breathed, until the din of lawnmowers went on for over an hour, ringing in the season in yard after yard. I was bitten by some bug. It itches.

Again, morning comes to wind and rain. Again, the damp house is chilly. Again, I find myself lacking any incentive to do anything but stay in bed and sleep. Again, I pull myself from my lair to head out to walk many dogs in pouring rain.

Yesterday I did, in fact, watch Michael Jackson's memorial service. And, yes, in fact, I did cry. I know people who don't cry who bawled at watching that event. Maybe it is the lack of seratonin from the weather, maybe it is the medication I take which makes me feel like I am slogging through mud all day, but I sat there with tears running down my face. Then my daughter, who was in bed with me watching that service, piped up with:

"Mom. I bet Michael will pop up out of that casket and yell 'Psych!!!' ".

Didn't happen. But the thought of it did bring a smile to my face.