Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jon, Jon, Jon...

There is a pot for every lid
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Someone deserves a slap upside the head with a huge trout. Seriously, wft? I *get* that life was hard for you. I *get* that money and lust and running around like a 20 year old is cool and groovy for you. But, have 8 kids to think of now. Keep it in your pants for a while. Put away the credit card, and start thinking about something other than your typical teen-aged behaviors.

I suggest 40 mgms of Prozac daily. It has been known to keep parakeets from pulling out their feathers. 'Cause, dude, you are days away from imploding.

Back away from the yacht, slowly.

And take that ring off your finger. Yeah, that one. The one that looks just like Hailey's. While you are at it, go buy some shoes other than flip flops. I hear they won't let you work at Wal-Mart in those.

Snarkily Yours, an ex-fan,


P.S. I know your soon to be ex-wife is a bitch, but, Jesus! If your body was a clown car, you would be a bitch, too.