Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Interesting Personal Ads...

"The Equations of Love:

True, I have written scripts and novels, but have spent the last few years having my former literary sensibilities flattened by science, as I have been pursuing a biology degree – and at my age! But what makes me different is that I have the unique ability to impose equations onto the messiness of human life and modern culture -- or maybe I am just crazy.

The half-life of an isotope is t1/2= (1/k)ln2, with k being a constant of that particular atom or compound, and the length of the half-life depending on the stability of the isotope – and the same holds for the half-life of relationships, with k representing the shit that happens between a couple in a world filled with competing reactions (temptation, work and other goals), while relationships that are unstable from the start have a quick half-life, and those founded on solid ground can outlast the human life span.

My physics professor said that the most important equation is F=ma, or Newton’s Second Law of Motion, as everything else, including energy calculations can derive from it. F=Force, and then there is the force of attraction, which depends on the mass, as measured in physical and mental beauty, times the acceleration of how fast this attraction is out of the gate – that is, taking it slow at the start equals a low romantic trajectory and a quick and sputtering crash to the ground, though with neither of the two parties injured. Remember the equation for momentum: P=mv, with v being the velocity of romantic attraction, and if P is high at the start, then it will carry the relationship through the force of gravity (the real, uncaring world, or g=G(m1m2)/r2, with r as the radius of modern distraction). But in the end, it requires energy, E=mv²/2 and work, w=J=Nm²/s.

And that is my spiel. Now let me see, and note, the resulting chemical reaction. "