Monday, November 17, 2008

Live! From Boston! It's Monday Morning!

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The past week has been a roller coaster through dark and scary places, through the rain, and into the light. Emily is feeling better, though very tired and achy. We managed to get in most of her early decision forms to the college she wants most while coping with the whole hospital ordeal. Now we wait. Seems that Patience is a huge lesson these days, one which I keep stumbling onto over and over.

Kevin and I had 24 hours of time to spend doing fun things like hikes in the woods with Lux, running around on the beach after the rain stopped at sunset, an awesome pizza at Flatbread in Amesbury, nibbling on really great chocolate he brought and generally catching up in person, rather than by email or phone, which has been our only mode of connection since March. I am so grateful to have had a hand to hold this weekend, a supportive, kind and gentle friend to smile at me from across the table and someone to laugh with so hard that my cheeks still hurt.

Today brings the cold weather again. Saturday night the temperature in the evening spilled int0 70 degrees with blustery winds. There were 2 tornado sightings in our state, and the barometric pressure was going up and down like a plane in turbulence. Rain prevented the fire I had planned, so I am hoping to light one up tonight and sit under the stars in the cold by the flickering flames.

I did lots of cooking this weekend, but, frankly, really did not think of bringing out the camera and setting up to shoot any images for the blog. Besides, all my equipment was still packed up from the huge shoot I had last Tuesday. I am sure you will forgive me. I forgive myself.

One of the Keenest things from this weekend was being shown THIS:

You can see much, much more from this amazing kid HERE:

Also a Cool Thing, found via the New England Journal of Aesthetic Research: