Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have never been more grateful that Emily has good health insurance. Despite a 9 hour wait in the ER to get a room in pediatrics, the care we have gotten here has been really quite good. After a night on IV antibiotics Emily is doing a bit better. Her pain is lessened, which is good, because even morphine did not touch it, and it gave her a migraine for which they could not give her anything more.

This morning she is scheduled for an ultrasound and a consult with a renal specialist. I am so very glad that we don't live in the wilds of Mongolia, and that we have access to adequate health care. Clearly, if we did not, she may not have survived this ordeal.

We are hoping that she will be able to come home today. She is very anxious to have this IV out of her arm.

Also on the good news front, Kevin is arriving from Chicago this afternoon, and while the visit will certainly not be what I envisioned, it will be so very nice to have a kind and supportive friend near for hugs and tea.

I will update as I am able, but the connection here at the hospital is not particularly consistent and, well, I sorta have my hands full right now.

Send healing vibes our way.

Hugs back to all of you!


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