Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Hey there! I have returned safe and sound. Well, mostly sound. Travel is just not the magic it used to be. Especially when one is the last one on the plane and the only seat you see open is the one sitting next to Hagrid. And your seat is the window seat. And the seat behind you is full of a mom and her toddler. A kicking toddler. Throw in a nice light sauce of "sitting on the runway for an hour with no ventilation".

But, I arrived in one piece, and made it to this morning where, lo! and Behold! A NEW day is dawning in the history of America! And, yea I say, I rejoice heartily!

I flew home to a bit of chaos on the homefront, one kid sick with a UTI, late school admissions parent evaluations, calls from clients, and a messy kitchen. Hmmmm...I left it clean. Teens...they are storms of filth.

Much good work was done at the old home front, and Mom and I stayed at her new nest, which was fun. Keen, in fact.

Cool Things:

I stumbled upon this blog the other day and found myself wandering around in enjoyment.

Wonderful Design:

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Inspiring Words:

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi


"Not only does happiness exist within us – it is in fact our true nature, our essential being. The transient happiness that we seem to derive from external experiences, but which actually arises only from within ourself, is in reality nothing other than our own essential being. The more clearly we are conscious of our own essential being, the more deeply and intensely do we experience happiness."

Wicked-Good Food

My ex father in law picked me up from the airport when I arrived in Pittsburgh, and the first stop on the way was one of our favorite beer spots The Sharp Edge. The last time I was there I tried the Delriium Tremens. This time we upped the ante and went for Piraat. Oooh! what a delight! And with a really high alcohol level couched in a smooth, unctuous, appley ale. Oh. So. Yum.