Monday, October 27, 2008

Barely Alive

Anyone who knows me knows I do not do well without a good sleep. And the three hours of sleep I *did* get were fraught with awful dreams. I won't go into all the gory details but I will say that at one point I had fifteen inches of stitches down the inside of my right arm, and at another point I actually killed a man with my bare hands. As in DEAD. It was the first time I have ever had a dream like that, and I can still feel my hands around his neck, squeezing my thumbs into this veins until the heartbeat stopped. I was, in fact, defending myself and another young girl from her father, who was abusive. At some other point a young boy jumped out of a window and died. Lots going on in those three hours of sleep.

I got home around 1:30 this morning from an event we catered at a wonderful mansion in Watertown. The bride was gorgeous, the theme was black and white, with orchids all over the place. The cake, a vegan masterpiece. We did an amazing job, and it was a thrilling ride.

But I hurt in places I did not know I owned. Raising sheet trays of soup bowls into a hot box, and then out again, and lugging stuff all night has left me quite sore and weary. More coffee is needed. And perhaps a massage!

So have a shot of Keen on me, and send me healing vibes and a few hours of rest!