Tuesday, October 21, 2008

According to my daughter...

we're all gonna die. Yup. In 2012. Onaccountabecause it has been predicted. See, she says that McCain will win, and he's gonna die and then Palin will be president. She says that Palin will probably find out that someone on her staff had an abortion and then she will go all postal on someone and then push that button she was petting for the last half a year or so. God will tell her to do it. My daughter laughs and at the same time says it sucks.

Damn. She's smart.

But, at the same time she uses said logic to get out of things that involve the future, like, say pay attention in class so she can go to college some day. Cause, you see, she won't be around after 2012.

So I told her "not if I have my way".

So, um, yeah.


So my kid can go to to college in 2012.