Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dreams and Nightmares

Yes, people, I watched the debate last night. And I have a few chosen words to relay. I figure you come here and read my blog because you like to know what I think or feel or see, so I am going to hit you straight on.

Firstly, I firmly believe that McCain has his head up his ass. And he can wipe that silly smirk off his horsey face any minute now. And whiten his teeth while he is at it. Get a fucking grip.

Yes, anything ANYONE proposes at this point will likely disturb the nation's insane propulsion forward toward the American Dream. I pretty much think we can kiss that dream goodbye for a long time. I also think that the American Dream from the 50's got overinflated as time went by, and the current sense of entitlement that we, as Americans, have is bloated, materialistic, and disgraceful. In a world where people are starving and there are serious shortages of clean water, where health care is non-existent, and all the myriad of other problems, who the hell are we to expect, YES, I said EXPECT, mini-mansions, SUV's, gourmet packaged foods, Ultimate Education, and all the other things the American Dream has represented for the last 50 years???

Yes, I believe that we all should help to get this problem of an economy solved. But I also think that the first step should be to identify and locate the top 100 offenders in the Stock Market, the Derivative's "Shadow Market", Sub-Prime loaners (loan sharks!) and garner their wages. If we took 80 percent of the income of those manipulating liars with their yachts and 12 homes, threw them in jail and made the rest of them live at poverty level, I bet we could knock off a significant portion of the bill for their shennanigans.

Joe Plumber does not make 250K a year. He wants to consider the options of buying into a buisness which may garner that amount someday. Less than 2% of the populus makes that amount of money. The average American income ranges from about 28 K in a person's 20's to about 45K in their late 60's.

As far as I am concerned, taxes should be meted out proportionally. And those who use more tax funded programs or resources should be paying proportionately MORE.

So, Mr. Whitey McSnarkypants, that means YOU would be paying a Fuckton more than you currently are. And someone like me, who lives with two teens on less than 40K a year after taxes, could still afford to buy cereal. Because, you know what? I EAT cereal for dinner. I give my kids the meat and veggies, the good stuff, AND I EAT CEREAL, so they can have kick-boxing classes, or new clothes, so they can eat better because they are still growing.

I don't care who Obama played with in the sandbox. Give me someone with knowledge, grace, wisdom and the ability to see clearly to steer us forward. No one is going to "get us out of this" problem we are in. There are no policies that will fix this quickly. There is no Superman. The world is teetering on the brink.

So let's tighten our belts to the best of our ability, treat one another with dignity and get the hell on with this.

Oh, and MCain? Sell all but one of your houses, all of your jets, all but one of your cars and send the money to the Feds. You have my permission to take off $500.00 for the teeth whitening.

Let's get this vote over with. Let's get on the ball with untieing the knots. Enuff chatter. Enuff postulation. Enuff foreplay. As someone said to me the other day:

"I wish they would just fuck us already so we can have a cigarette. And I don't even smoke."