Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tangent into Dark

I was walking Lux tonight around sunset, looking at the wonder of the color in the leaves, and the dropping sun, the blackening rooftops, thinking about the light, which sent me to

Thinking about the Sun, solar rays and how they stream down upon me, and others far away, staring up at the same sun, perhaps even at the same moment, which led me to

Solar flares, and the knowledge that the Sun does what it will, and it flares and sends things all screwy-like here on earth in everything from teeny ways all the way to earthquakes, which lead me to

Thinking about how much time we have left here on this planet we have seized and taken as our own, for our experiment called life, which do-si-doed me over to

Thinking about the government, and how I wonder if they knew, absolutely positively fersure that the Earth would be destroyed in a decade, year, week, because of a solar flare... if they would tell us, which lead me to...