Sunday, October 19, 2008


If this man can wrastle that much money from the Universe in one month, I suspect he can be of great help in our journey back to financial health as nation, don'tcha think?

And, if he really can hold hands and play well with Colin Powell, across the isle, I think we have a chance of finding our way out of some present and future war maneuvers. Jussayin'

And, TELL ME YOU SAW CARIBOU BARBIE ON SNL! Frankly, I thought it was uncomfortably brilliant, and a phenomenal move for their party. This is likely the sole positive thing you will hear me say about "That Other Guy", her boss. (thinkin' of that, considering the possibility of being in the woods with this woman wielding a rifle, and the AMAZING similarity between McWhiteysnarkbutt and the Little Big Man, W on a political realm, I would hope that anyone thinking of going to Camp with "Those Other Folks" would reconsider.) Know whaa im sayin'? No one wants to get Cheney'd by Sarah Palin. She won't miss. I think she uses God as her crosshairs. (that sounds so dirty).

By the way, GO SOX!!! We will be playing the Rays tonight to find out for real, but it sorta looks to me like we have a really good shot at winning the ALC division title, and a good shot at the World Series. Sometimes, I am so very proud to be from Massachusetts.

But then I think about the Big Dig and say "Fuck You" all over again, stomp off for another mug of coffee mumbling about mismanagement asshats of the Feduciary Species.