Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am grateful for so many things. Right at this moment, with my warm, hand-made rice pack fresh from the microwave, sitting in my lap, I am grateful for this video, which made me smile.

I am grateful for the passing of Time. Now, I KNOW we "created" the concept of "time" and all that, but right now I am feeling blessed that time has moved me past my stress-fraught evening on Tuesday, and ever toward the upcoming full moon.

Because the upcoming full moon will include:

The tall guy on the Right, (seen here with his kids and their friends on the roof of a cabin).

My oldest friend, Jenny, went to Grinnell with Kevin, and introduced us about six months ago and we have been writing often, when we have time to spare. So Jenny and I are both excited that Kevin will be coming to Boston next month for a few days to visit. I am grateful that I now know another Truly Keen Person.

I am grateful that there is still a sky for a plane to fly in to get me to Pittsburgh. I am grateful that I don't have to flap my own wings to get there, as my wings are quite tired.

I am grateful that I have a truly Keen mother, and that I get to spend a few days with her soon.

I am grateful for the opportunity to VOTE soon. I am all tingly about this one. This is the first election that has moved me so powerfully. I am anxious, Hopeful, and feeling very alive about this.

I am grateful for the bestest, most wonderfulest dog on the planet. She makes an excellent bed warmer, and she snuggles really well.

I am grateful that the oil filled radiator/heater which caught fire in my daughter's bedroom as she slept, ceased to flame after being unplugged. (I only wish that when my kids are flaming -nasty that I could unplug them, too)

I am grateful for all those Duck Alternatives who gave their little lives for me, so I can have a toasty warm Down Alternative quilt to snuggle under.

I am grateful for the brilliant stars this morning, Orion shining so very brightly, before dawn.

Take a walk today. Really. Life is balancing on the razor-edge of cusp between Now and Then, between Autum and Really Fucking Cold Autumn. Take a cup of tea for a walk.


You will be glad you did.