Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yes, it is still grey and rainy...

It never ceases to amaze me that people in my neighborhood manage to carve out little spaces for their private oasis. Down the street, the man from the Czech Republic has fruit trees, pear, apple, plum, cherry, and a garden, and chickens. A woman who lives behind one of the multitude of "salons" in my area has a wonderful container garden. I saw it once as the walled in yard has a gate and she was standing with it ajar once. I was stunned. I never knew it was there.

On my morning "Administrative" walk with Lux I pass a home with lovely flowers and a huge rose arbor. The also have a marble turtle statue:

(another phone camera image, sorry for the crappy quality)

Yesterday as I was walking by I saw a man sitting on a kid's chair, weeding the corner patch. I giggled and told him he had a great chair. We started talking, and I asked him about the statue. He guided me to the right side of his garage, which was fenced in. In that yard he has created an amazing turtle environment, with a pond, hatching houses, and an electric fence. He apparently studies this particular breed of turtle, which is on the edge of extinction. I never would have guessed that this magical space was there.

It made me wonder about spaces, about sacred spaces, about making magic in tiny spots, places to go to renew and refresh yourself. It made me think about my own spaces. Last year I made a sacred space of my back porch. I have not spent any time there since last September.

I guess for me the truth is that I take my magic times in the woods, walking through the misty blueberry bushes, the muddy and root-laden lake front, the resinous and deeply wooded ravines. Sure, I could hang some Keen paper lanterns around my back yard, plant some flowers, make a colorful and peaceful place. But, for me, I find it is already made to order less than a couple of miles away.

Maybe someday when I find a spot where I am truly happy, a homestead of my own, not rented, I will make a special spot for myself, but so far, I am really happy with what Nature is offering me. A bounty of Keen.

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Hamartithia: n. mistake-prone.

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Forjeskit: adj. exhausted from work.

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Millet with asparagus and goat cheese on baby arugula

This was my dinner tonight. I heated up the millet and asparagus which were leftovers, with the goat cheese for just a minute to bring everything to a warm temperature. I placed it on a bed of arugula and topped it with a balsamic vinaigrette.