Sunday, June 22, 2008

no, No, NO!!!! that is NOT a kitty!!!

6:00 AM....The scene of the crime: Neighbors leave their trash open...

Lux runs out to the back yard to play with the kitty. The LARGE kitty. The one with the big white stripe down it's back...

My new best friends...

Lux, after three baths. Still VERY whiffy.

Not much new here. The past month has seen me working 6 days a week though, which has kept me from feeding you loyal readers. So sorry. My hand is healing well. I took out the stitches on Wednesday, and the wound itself is healing nicely, but the area is still so darned tender. And, I am missing sensation on a portion of the underside of my finger. I am told that might come back after time.

Yesterday was a huge sushi day for me. I made over 100 pieces of sushi for a wedding we catered. It was great fun! Nothing like production to hone your skills. I was smart and prepped the veggies the night before and left them layered in prep boxes in the fridge, and I got up at the usual 5AM and started making rice (20 cups of it!) so it would be both fresh and cool for the assembling process, and just made prior to pick up at noon yesterday.

You already know how today has gone so far. My eyes burn from the toxic fumes of skunk. It smells like burning rubber when it is that close. No snugglies from the puppy for a few days I think. Sad.

I am off to the movies with Lisa today, as both of us desperately need a break from reality for a few hours. I think the last movie I saw was Sweeny Todd. That was a *while* ago!!
Oh, the thought of fresh, fresher, anyway.