Saturday, July 12, 2008

Woofy Update

I am always amazed at the resilience of animals. Lux has quickly figured out how to hop on three legs, not even letting her cast touch the ground. The vet told me that she should stay quiet for a while, and I laughed. I am giving her the maximum dose of tranquilizers for her weight, and her pain meds, but she made it clear to me last night that she could and would walk around the block on three legs, looking for squirrels. I have yet to get her to poop, though. I know that the anesthesia (she was under general for about half an hour) and the pain meds are constipating, so I am giving her a raw food diet for now, possibly from now on. She is getting muscle meat (and 10% organ meat), eggs, meaty bones, glucosamine/chondroitin complex and as much water as I can get her to drink. She is enjoying the turkey broth ice cubes, so I must make some more of those, too. I figure the protein will be good for regenerating the soft tissue and the meaty bones are great for the calcium. A raw diet is much better for controlling inflammation, among other things.

Last night she slept without whimpering, which was a huge improvement. I hate it when people or animals are in pain. I am doing everything possible to facilitate healing so she won't have to have the surgery. We should know more in two weeks.

My arms are getting stronger carrying a 47 pound dog around. I should look like Popeye by the end of this ordeal!