Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just a Nibble

A day without Dooce is a day without, ah...oxygen?

Along the lines of the blog from Dooce today, I was getting into my car (my black car, the one with the sensors that register Solar Flare Level Heat...) the lady next to me, who was shopping at Whole Foods alone, was clambering up the ladder to get into her Mega SUV with her one bag of foodstuffs. I said, out loud, "Lady, I just hope you are off to pick up the seven dwarves because it is downright ridiculous and otherwise irresponsible for you, one person, to be driving that vehicle"

I don't think she heard me.

She did however hear me a laughing at myself after I said it though. Cause, day-um I tickle my own funny bone sometimes.

Today I am living on fine organic chocolate, fresh cherry and raspberry juice popsicles, a small piece of steak, avocados, greens and amaranth. In a dark and air conditioned room. Watching old Frasier reruns.

More Keen when my brainstem cooperates more fully. Cause right now, mmmmmnot so much.